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Who is Kristi?

"Bridal design is my love and life." - Kristi Kaaver

I am a professional wedding dress designer with over a decade of experience in the bridal wear and fashion business. The process of creating or finding the perfect dress for the big day is my passion.

I studied Fashion Design in Denmark. My internship was in creatively inspirative New York City at the global fashion brand Alice + Olive. After graduation, I worked as a bridal consultant at Finland’s largest wedding and evening dress boutique for four and half years.

Today I design and create bespoke wedding dresses with my brand Kristi Bridal. I have done it for over ten years. So I have the experience of finding the perfect wedding dress for hundreds of brides and loving every moment of that journey.

As a bridal designer, my design philosophy emphasizes individuality and understanding clients’ needs. Combined with the wow factor and practical aspect, these two create excellent results.

On this website, you can contact me and book a free first consultation meeting and start the journey for your perfect wedding look.


I believe in love and that every bride should have a magical wedding day and a unique dream wedding dress to shine in. I mean every woman!

Being a bride is intense and stressful. Usually, women are worried about the budget, their size, and whether it is possible to find or make their dream dress. Yes, it is! And I love the challenges and responsibilities that come along with every bride.

The dream wedding dress for the summer 2024 season

Brides reserve the best spots in the design and tailoring calendar for the summer 2024 wedding season in summer and autumn 2023. So the time to act is now!


I take every bride as an individual with their insecurities, dreams, and desires. So I know my skills and experience will offer you the perfect result for your big day. I have professional fabrics and lace suppliers whom I can always trust. 

Wedding dress | Finland & Estonia

As I live in Turku, Finland, I travel a lot to see my clients around Finland and Estonia – I am flexible, and distance has never been a problem. I serve my customers fluently in three different languages, Estonian, Finnish, and English.


I design and create bespoke wedding dresses for the modern bride. With my help, brides can more easily choose the perfect outfits for their budget, body type, and personality. I have significant experience working with different kinds of women. 

The cost of a wedding dress

A typical dress costs 1300-4500 €, depending on the chosen style, details, and materials. So through me, you can get a bespoke wedding dress just for you at the price of a premium dress from the ready-made collection.

My brides


kristi bridal

I felt like a princess on my wedding day!  Thank you!   

Everything was so perfect! 

Johanna L

Cooperation with Kristi was very smooth.  We were on the same page since the first chat. I didn’t have a clear vision of my dress, but Kristi has an eye for wedding dresses and helped me to visualize my dreams and made them into reality. 

Because of Covid-situation we also had our little issues, but these found a very quick and smooth solution. Even living in different countries wasn’t a problem!  

Kati E

kristi bridal
Kristi bridal

Thank you for creating my dream wedding dress! The whole process from trying on different dresses to the dress of my dreams was smooth! Kristi went through every detail of the dress with me, like what kind of lace to choose or which buttons I prefer. . Although we were in different countries, all the necessary procedures could be done from a distance. The last stitches were made while I had the dress on in the final fitting, so the dress fitted me perfectly! She also made dress for my little 2 year old daughter, so she could have the matching dress with me. 

Erle K

With Kristi’s impressive works of art – most beautiful wedding dresses – I feel any recommendation is just unnecessary. Always on time, always good quality and nothing less than you would expect. She is able to blend your own dreams and wishes perfectly with what would also actually look good on you. She is on top of the game with the best materials and state-of-the-art designs from which to choose from to be the perfect bride. In addition, she is just the kindest and most caring person not only helping out with wedding planning challenges in general, but also the standing always next to me on my wedding day. 

Kaija K

kristi bridal
kristi bridal

For Kristi, every idea is feasible and she always finds opportunities instead of obstacles! Her wonderful ability to combine fabrics, lace and cuts fulfills every bride’s dream of one wedding dress! 

Sigrid M

The process of making a wedding dress is really emotional and powerful experience. Kristi listened me very carefully and made a sketch of the dress and spent hours finding right fabrics and lace for the dress. After first fitting I allready new – this is going to be really special. It was special. I do not even have the right words to thank Kristi. She put all her heart in the dress and made me a master piece. Custom made dress made my wedding day even more special. This warm feeling lives still in my heart. 

Birgit P

kristi bridal