Ordering a Bespoke Wedding Dress

Ordering a Bespoke Wedding Dress / Mittatilaushääpuvun tilaaminen

The Cost

Ordering a bespoke/custom wedding dress is likely more affordable than you think. Through me, you can get your dream wedding dress tailored at the price of a ready-made premium gown. Additionally, you can save hundreds of euros on alteration and repair costs typically associated with off-the-rack dresses. They are not required for a custom-made gown.

The Timing

It is advisable to order a bespoke wedding dress as early as possible. Some brides schedule their first free consultation up to 18 months before the wedding. However, I recommend booking the first consultation at least 9-12 months before the wedding, allowing ample time to plan and execute all aspects comfortably.

Custom orders for dresses that brides wear the following summer are often placed in the previous summer and autumn. However, designing and creating a gown with as little as one month’s notice is possible, so it’s always worth inquiring about availability!

Brides reserve the best spots in the design and tailoring calendar for the summer 2024 wedding season in summer and autumn 2023. So the time to act is now!

The Process

There are only five simple steps to wedding dress nirvana. Read them below!

1. Contact

Book your time for the first free consultation through this website’s form. It does not commit you to anything. I will promptly contact you after receiving your message to arrange a suitable time for the consultation. This way, we can quickly begin designing your dream wedding dress together!

2. Free First Consultation

You can prepare a few inspirational pictures in advance before the meeting. Also, please take a look at my portfolio. The session can be conducted remotely or in person. Please let me know your budget and any other preferences you may have.

During the consultation, I would also like to hear about your dreams and any challenges you may have faced in finding the perfect wedding dress. During the consultation, we will go through the practical aspects of the bespoke dress ordering process.

3. Quotation

Based on the consultation, I will provide you with a quotation. Dress prices vary depending on the chosen style and materials. The fees for Kristi Bridal’s bespoke wedding dresses range from 1300 to 4500 euros.

Mermaid-style dresses and dresses adorned with intricate lace embroidery start from 2500 euros. “Smart Bridal” ensembles, which consist of multiple pieces (body or top, skirt, pants, veil), start from 3000 euros.

4. Dress Design and Tailoring

Once you have accepted the quotation, you confirm the order with a deposit, which is half the price of the dress. Then, I will sketch a design of your wedding dress, choose suitable materials together, and schedule appointments for measurements and fitting sessions. Depending on the dress style, there are usually 2-4 fittings. 

Dress tailoring during peak season may take more time, so it is advisable to reserve a spot in the design and tailoring calendar in advance. Typically, the summer dresses’ design and tailoring process begins as early as the previous autumn.

5. Your Dream Wedding Dress is Ready!

Your dress will usually be completed 2-4 weeks before the wedding. The final fitting occurs close to the wedding day so that we can make any necessary final adjustments. I will request the final payment for the dress before delivery, following the second-to-last fitting. I will deliver your dream wedding dress in an elegant Kristi Bridal dress bag.

Book Your Free First Consultation Fast

Do it today! The more time you allocate for the entire process, the more peace of mind you’ll have. Best spots in the design and tailoring calendar always go first. 

Let’s create beautiful memories together!