Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should you order a bespoke wedding dress?

You should order a custom-made wedding dress as early as possible. Some brides agree to a first free consultation up to 18 months before the wedding. However, I recommend arranging the first consultation at least 9-12 months before the wedding because then there is enough time to plan and design all aspects carefully.

Brides often order the following summer’s bespoke wedding dresses in the previous fall. However, at the fastest time, a custom-made wedding dress can be designed and made with one (1) month’s notice, so it’s always worth asking about the booking status!

You can easily book a free first consultation through this website’s contact form. It doesn’t bind you to anything yet.

Let’s create fantastic memories together!

Who designs and makes your wedding dresses?

The designer and seamstress of the KRISTI BRIDAL brand is entrepreneur Kristi Kaaver. She also uses trusted outside partners in the sowing process but is always responsible for the product’s quality control and final touches. Her creative and experienced mind creates all our unique dress and accessories designs.

Which wedding dress model suits me?

I have a lot of experience working with different kinds of women. I design a dress for each bride, considering her wishes, style, and body type. That is how I can create the custom-made wedding dress of your dreams that fits you perfectly.

With my help, brides always get a perfect ensemble that suits their budget, body type, and personality. Compared to ready-made collections, it is the absolute competitive advantage of a bespoke wedding dress. 

What is the price of the dress, and what includes in that? What are the payment terms?

A typical KRISTI BRIDAL made-to-measure wedding dress costs between €1300 and €4500, depending on the chosen style, details, and materials. Through me, you can get a wedding dress tailored just for you at the price of a premium dress from the ready-made collection.

The price includes the initial meeting, planning, sewing, at least two fittings, materials,  a dress bag, and the final custom-made wedding dress. That is everything you need.

Brides pay the dress by invoice in two (2) equal installments: the first part before the work starts and the second before collection, with a payment term of 14 days net.

Is there a right of return for the dress? What if I change my mind about the dress?

Our dresses do not have the right of return or cancellation because they are made individually only for the bride in question. However, if you want to cancel an already-ordered dress, we will not refund the payment of the first installment.

If you change your mind or your dress does not meet your expectations, you can suggest changes to the dress during the sewing phase. As previously agreed, costs arising from changes and additional working time will be invoiced separately. In other words, surprise expenses will never occur.

Do you also modify or repair wedding dresses and evening gowns from other brands?

I do because I also specialize in alterations and repairing wedding dresses and have much experience with them. Feel free to contact me via the website if you have already bought a ready-made wedding dress and need alterations.

Why is the wedding dress white?

A white wedding dress is a classic choice these days, but it may not suit everyone. Brides in the old days used white to symbolize purity, and only virgins were allowed to wear it. The wedding dress in Finland was originally black, and the white wedding dress became the most popular color only during the 20th century.

Is it possible to order a wedding dress in a different color? Do you also design plus-size dresses?

KRISTI BRIDAL also specializes in colored & plus-size bespoke wedding dresses. So I will happily design and create them for you. Every bride is free to choose exactly the color she likes the most.

Over the years, I have done beautiful custom-made wedding dresses in the following colors: beige, gray, light blue, red, and black.

I have also made many gorgeous plus-size dresses that compliment the individual bride.

So don’t hesitate to contact me whatever are your needs and wants.